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Watercolor Invitations & Envelope Calligraphy

Escort/Place Cards, Seating Charts

Mirror seating chart photography by Lydia Ruth Photography. Florals on mirror by Blooms by Amanda

Pricing & Details

I specialize in creating custom watercolor invitations for any occasion including weddings, showers, birthdays, etc. Calligraphy is often incorporated into my designs for a hand-made and sophisticated aesthetic. Finish it off with pointed-pen calligraphy on your envelopes to make a mark on your guests! I also offer place & escort cards, as well as signage to accompany your suite. Contact me with your ideas! I have outlined basic price ranges below.

Invitations & Envelope Calligraphy

Pricing for custom watercolor invitations can vary greatly based on number of guests, type of event, intricacy of design, etc., so it is best to reach out for a custom quote. We can go over your guest list, event, and ideas and I will come up with a proposal. Generally, watercolor wedding invitations will range from $500-$2,000. Invitations for smaller scale events such as birthday parties range from $150-$800.

For envelope calligraphy, you can expect to pay $3 per envelope for standard black ink on outer envelope. White or colored ink pricing is $3.50 per envelope. I offer a discount on this service for clients that I am working with on their invitations.

Escort & Place Cards

Escort and place cards can be simple and elegant, or funky and fun. From pointed-pen calligraphy on neutral paper, to a bright watercolor background, the possibilities are endless. You can expect to pay between $2-$3 per escort or place card for paper options.


Please reach out if you have a creative idea, such as agate slices, or a seashell, etc.! Pricing for non-traditional mediums will differ.

Signage & Seating Charts

Seating charts, table numbers, and welcome signs can set the tone for your event. There are many options for these so it is best to contact me for a quote. But, you can generally expect for large signage such as a mirror seating chart to be around $150-$300 depending on the number of guests.

Table numbers generally range from $7-$10 per table for paper options.

Get in Touch

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